When to Call Animal Control Toronto for Raccoon Control

Raccoons are quite popular. It is a really distinguishing animal with a trademark of a furry ringed tail and a black mask. Normally, adult raccoons weigh around 10 up to 30 lbs. The length runs anywhere from 2 to 3 feet. Raccoons are great climbers and are omnivorous. They are also nocturnal, that is why they sleep during the day.
However, do not approach a raccoon if one is active during the day. Immediately contact an animal control Toronto. These animals could be a pain in a lot of ways. They damage vegetable and fruit gardens, steal pet food left outside, and raid trash cans that are not secured. However, most homeowners call animal control whenever there are raccoons in their chimney or attic.
Raccoons in the Attic
Most animal control companies get calls from homeowners complaining of raccoons in the attic. Typically, this is when raccoon babies are born. The mother could be really violent while nesting their offspring. Aside from that, professional animal control companies, such as Swat Wildlife, get calls from people who have raccoons in their chimney. Because raccoons are well adapted to the suburban and urban environments of towns and cities, these animals are the most common calls.
When a raccoon is pregnant, that is the time where damages will be caused a lot to the property. It is best to stay away during that period and let the professionals do the job. Pregnant raccoons can take off mushroom vent caps, remove chimney caps and siding, tear off shingles, and destroy Fascia Boards just to have access to the house. This is because these animals know human dwellings are an ideal place to give birth.
Raccoon Disease
Aside from damaging the property, the droppings of a raccoon carry another risk. The droppings of a raccoon might contain Baylisascaris. This is a roundworm usually found in a raccoon. There are some other illnesses that raccoons are accountable. Several of these illnesses are respiratory diseases. That is the reason why a homeowner should immediately call Animal Control Toronto whenever they see a raccoon roaming around their property.
Raccoon Insulation Damages
Insulation damage is popular after these animals have resided in the attic for a long period of time. A fill insulation that is loose would become matted with urine and fecal. Eventually, it would become compressed. This enables heated breeze to go outside during the winter. Odds are a house is infiltrated with raccoons if a homeowner hears noises late at night or early in the morning. This issue must be immediately addressed by a professional animal control company.
No matter what animal it is, it is best to stay away from it, especially if it poses dangers. The best way to avoid rabid animals is to call animal control. These professionals know how to handle such animals and prevent them from coming back to your property. Because of these, you need to gain access to an animal control center. It’s your best choice for these situations.